Ballymurn Celtic A.F.C.
Rules and Regulations – 2015|2016 Season



The name of the club is

Ballymurn Celtic A.F.C.



The team will be affiliated to the Wexford Football League.



The management and control of the club shall be run by a
Committee of not less than 7 members and no more than 13
members, including the Chairman, the Secretary, the Treasurer
together with all members approved at the Annual General
Meeting (AGM).

The Committee will meet once a month on a suitable date.

The Committee has power of all disciplinary matters, and have
authority to deal with offending players, Committee members and
supporters. The Committee decision will be final.

Delegate meetings to be rotated between Committee members.

To be eligible for the Committee, a person must be nominated
and also seconded by a club member at the AGM. The Secretary
must record all nominations.

Attendance to be recorded at the AGM and all Committee


 Membership and Insurance

The annual membership will be fixed by the Committee at the
Each member of the club must be fully paid to participate in the
The Committee will set the deadline for payment.
Full membership must be paid to be covered by the club
insurance policies.


Membership Cost for 2015

€80.00 for Adults.
€40.00 for under 18’s.
€10.00 for non-playing members.


Details of Insurance

The following does NOT apply in the event of an emergency

If in any event after matches or training, a player is injured and
requires medical attention, he should contact the
Chairman/Secretary or a Committee member as soon as
possible, He should attend his GP (local doctor) if available.
The player should only attend A+E at the local hospital if the GP
is unavailable.
Members should only attend a private clinic if told to do so by a
GP and Insurance company.
As the insurance does not cover the excess the club will cover
this cost.

This cost will only be covered when protocol is followed correctly
and membership has been fully paid.
The club is under no obligation to raise money or to give any
player donations if he is injured while playing or training for the
A copy of the club insurance is available to all members. A
meeting with the Secretary must be arranged to view this


Annual General Meeting

The AGM shall not be held later than the l”t June 2015
The business of the AGM shall be as follows:

Notice of meeting
Welcome by the Chairman
Minutes of last AGM
Statement of accounts and balance sheet
Annual reports
Election of officers and committee members for the new
Proposed alterations to rules



All finances to be controlled by the Treasurer and Committee.
All money to be lodged into the club Credit Union account.
All payments to be made by cheque, except for authorised petty
cash payments in respect to upkeep of field.
The Treasurer shall keep books and records. Accounts shall be
provided at AGM and Committee meetings.
No player will be allowed to take part in the league until membership is fully paid.



It is the responsibility of the Committee and members to take
care of the field including: pitch markings, goalposts, dressing
rooms, corner flags and the general upkeep of the facilities.



Any member or player not adhering to the rules or code of
conduct set out by the Committee or team managers (ie:
training/match times) shall be dealt with by the Committee.
The Committee/Managers decision is final on all matters.
League rules on suspensions are available to view through the



Registration forms must be filled in correctly.
Players must be registered at least 24 hours before kick off and 2
weeks before cup competitions.
The club must apply for permission to enter the league each



Referees must be treated with respect at all times.
Referees expenses shall be collected on match day.


Match payment

Money for the match will be collected before the team is selected. Any player who does not take part in the match, will have their
money refunded
Any player who does not make the match payment will not be
eligible for team selection
The match fee is €5.00


General rules

Players must attend training and match fixtures at the times set
out by management
If a player cannot attend training or matches, they must notify
their Manager by text, email or phone
Any player who does not attend training or matches at the agreed
times and does not notify their Manager as set out above, must
have a good reason for doing so. This may result in non-selection
for the team.
To comply with the terms of the club insurance, players must be
in good physical health when attending training or matches.

All fines incurred by the club from the Wexford Football
League for dissent, will be paid in full (or part of when
accumulated yellow cards by that player or member.


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